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A group of middle school students wearing backpacks smiling and running down a school hall together.

School-Based Anti-Bullying Interventions Work!

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A review of 69 studies shows school-based anti-bullying interventions reduce bullying—both in-person and cyber—and improve students’ mental health.

Two diverse school kids walking home together after school and talking together. Back to school photo of  diverse school children wearing backpacks in the school yard

Empowering Schools to Change Behavior and Attitudes

On December 3, 2019, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and the Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention co-sponsored a webinar, Applying the Latest Rese

Girl looks as other girls gossip about her

Bullying Has Negative Consequences For All Involved

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Bullying is an unwanted aggressive behavior characterized by repetition (i.e., it is repeated or has a high likelihood of being repeated), and a power imbala

First Lady Melania Trump Addresses the 2018 Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention Summit on Cyberbullying

2018 Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention Summit on Cyberbullying

Former First Lady Melania Trump talked about online safety and highlighted her initiative that encourages teaching children the importance of social, emotion

Preventing Suicide: A Technical Package of Policy, Programs, and Practices

New CDC Resource Can Help States and Communities Prevent Suicide Among Youth

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CDC’s suicide prevention technical package is based on the best available evidence to prevent or reduce public health problems like suicide.