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Meet the Cast

Springdale Middle School is full of interesting kids and adults. Find out more about KB, Mr. Bittner and other Springdale students and teachers.

Want to get to know the cast better? Click on their names to learn more!

Adult Cast

The students featured in these videos have strong adult role models that help them out and make an effort to stop bullying.

Mr. Bittner

Mr. Bittner is a 7th grade science teacher and a role model for KB. Mr. Bittner knows his students well and encourages friendship when he sees an issue. He is friendly and trusted by students and always intervenes when he sees bullying.


Gina Floofinatta

Gina Floofinatta is KB’s mother. She’s funny, likeable, and involved in all aspects of KB’s life. She has a positive attitude about KB’s first day of school and encourages her to make the best of a fresh new start. Her choice in clothing options isn’t always the best but she never misses an opportunity to make KB feel special.


Señorita Ortega

Señorita Ortega is Milton’s tuba teacher. A funny lady, Señorita Ortega is hip and cool. She knows when her students are upset and reminds them bullying is never ok. Señorita Ortega has seen Milton being bullied by Brick, Koz and Snoog and has told them to stop.


Coach Cruncher

Coach Cruncher is KB’s soccer coach and also the school’s PE teacher. He thinks teamwork is very important and has a hard time believing any of “his girls” could do anything intentionally cruel to a fellow teammate.

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