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Raven's Page

Kids cast Raven png

All About Raven

Birthday: January 31
Age: 12
Activities: painting, drawing, making jewelry, designing clothes
Interests: dancing, shopping, going to concerts or art galleries



I grew up here in Springdale which is a small town. There aren’t many kids who share my interests. So I stand out, and for those who don’t know me, I appear “different.”

It hurts when kids tease me about my outfits and far-out ideas. That’s why I try to include anyone who’s left out, which is what happened to KB and Milton.



I never thought you were that different. You always seem to not care what people think. In my yearbook, you’ll be the most likely to succeed at whatever you do.

My Videos

webisode 6 Raven and Josh

Josh Has Lunch with Raven and Milton

Josh watches as Milton gets bullied by Brick and remembers back to when he was bullied last year.

webisode 11 power in numbers

Power in Numbers

Josh and Raven stand up to Brick when he bullies Milton in the cafeteria.

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