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Melanie's Page

Kids cast Melanie png

All About Melanie

Birthday: May 21
Age: 12
Activities: soccer, art/crafts club, summer science camp
Interests: hairstyling, hiking, poetry, team sports, spending time with friends



KB and I became fast friends after Mr. Bittner assigned us as lab partners in science class. We also play on the same soccer team and I’ve stood up for KB when she’s been bullied by some of our teammates. She’s taught me a lot about science and I’ve shown her that she is not alone on the soccer field.

I used to be part of the “popular group” but that meant being a bully and that wasn’t cool once I started losing my true friends. Since KB is new to our school, I introduced her to my friends, Raven and Lasa, who also want to take a stand against bullying.



Thanks for showing me what a true friend is and standing up for me on the soccer field!


KB and Melanie Partner Up

Cassandra continues to tease KB during class and gets spoken to by the teacher. Mel and KB are assigned to be lab partners and become friends.

Webisode 12 KB

Real Friends

Mel defends KB while playing soccer and shows Coach that they understand teamwork. Coach makes Mel the team’s captain and she picks KB to be on her team and introduces her to her other friends.

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