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KB's Page


All About KB

Birthday: April 15
Age: 12
Interests: shopping, chemistry, reading, sports, meeting new friends
Activities: soccer, school, summer science camps, tutoring

Have you ever been the new kid at a school? I have, and it can be really hard to make friends. I spent the first horrible week at school being picked on. Things have gotten much better, so I thought I should share some ideas.

My new friend, Melanie, and I thought we should help out other new kids at school so they don’t have to go through what I did. With the help of my favorite teacher, Mr. Bittner, we came up with the idea of “Springdale Friends.” The way this works is that when a new student starts at the school, he or she is matched up with a few members of our “Springdale Friends” club who are in the same grade. We show the new student around, introduce them to other kids and teachers, and hang out with them.

From Melanie:

We also help them learn about after school activities, like the Bullying Prevention Team.

From KB:

Thanks Mel! Feel free to take this idea, and use it at your school!

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