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Birthday: July 19
Age: 10
Interests: tuba lessons, school band, summer music camp, archery
Activities: jamming with my friends, watching cartoons

Hey music lovers, today is my first day at music camp. I had a chance to try out a new 5-valve tuba and I’m still rocking. The day started on a low note when I ran into Brick, his muscle man Snoog, and Koz. This year the day camp combined music and sports.

Brick started with his name-calling. I thought I was over his teasing and that I could blow it off. But Brick’s putdown was in front of the entire brass section. If I’d been at school with my friends, Brick wouldn’t have bullied me. I was about to say something to Brick when I realized that my new musician friends were helping me.

They blocked his path and helped me out. It was awesome! I felt safe and powerful enough to sit back and play my music.

From Hal:

Way to go Milton! Too many of us know how it feels to be bullied.

From Milton:

You’re right, Hal. By sharing stories about how to help when someone is bullied, we can spread the stop bullying message.

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Content last reviewed on September 28, 2017