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HRSA and GLSEN Work Together in Support of No Name Calling Week

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is proud of its long history of working with the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and other student groups to promote healthy kids and safe schools. These partnerships are a great chance for HRSA to reach youth in their schools and community to prevent bullying. Over the years, HRSA and GLSEN have shared resources and spoken at events. This year, we are continuing that work on social media for GLSEN’s No Name Calling Week.

From the schoolhouse to the soccer field, everyone has a role in preventing bullying. That’s what No Name Calling Week is all about. HRSA offers free resources that go beyond the classroom to help parents, teachers, business leaders and any member of the community ensure their children grow up in a safe place. Whatever your role, check out our resources - PDF before hosting your next community event:

  • Training PowerPoint with Speaker Notes: a presentation with the latest research and talking points.
  • Training PowerPoint: a slide-by-slide presentation to use at a community event, workshop or town hall meeting.
  • Community Action Toolkit: a packet that includes tip sheets, sample agenda, action planning guide and feedback forms.
  • Misdirections Video Packet: a six-minute video that talks about the Do’s and Don’ts in bullying prevention and response.

So whether you’ve been involved in bullying prevention for five years or five minutes: StopBullying.gov has all the materials you need to host a community event. Check out our Training Center.