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KB’s First Day

KB has her first day at a new school where she walks into Cassandra, a kid at school that bullies others, and gets teased in front of the class.

Take the Quiz

Question 1: Why do you think KB didn't want to go to school?

You’re probably right! Have you ever been the “new kid” at school or on a team? Do you remember feeling “butterflies” in your stomach? Did someone make you feel less scared? Is there someone at school who you could help out? Are there any other good answers?

Yup. Have you ever worried about kids making fun of clothing that you wear? Are there any other good answers?

No way! KB LOVED my Science Camp over the summer and she seemed really excited when she saw me again.

Question 2: Why didn’t KB just refuse to wear the new clothes that her mother bought for her?

I kind of doubt it.

I agree. Her mom bought the clothes as a special surprise for KB and might have felt bad if KB refused the gift. Are there any other good answers?

Probably. It sounds as if KB’s mom bought her a whole closet of clothes that weren’t very stylish. Have you ever had kids make fun of your clothes or the way you looked? Why did they do that? How did it make you feel? Are there any other good answers to this question?

Question 3: Why did I call KB "Fluffernutter"?

Of course not! I would never make fun of a student. Try again.

Yup. KB’s last name—"Floofinatta"—is pretty hard to pronounce. I goofed. Sorry, KB!

In all my years of teaching I’ve never met a student with the last name "Fluffernutter." Try again.

Question 4: Why do you think Cassandra called KB a "freak"?

Maybe. That’s a pretty poor reason to call someone a name, isn’t it? Are there any other good answers?

I don’t think so. It didn’t sound like friendly teasing to me. Try again.

I agree. That was pretty mean, wasn’t it? How would you have felt if you were KB? Have you heard anyone call another person a mean name? What could you do to stop it?

Question 5: I was angry when Cassandra called KB a “freak.” The door closed before you could see what happened next, however. What do you think I did about Cassandra’s mean comment and the class’ reaction?

Absolutely not. Teachers want to put a stop to school bullying too! Try another answer.

I certainly did! I also told Cassandra that I’d be watching to make sure she didn’t pick on KB again. Are there any other good answers?

Yes, I did. I told them that there was nothing funny about that and to cut it out. Are there any other good answers?

Question 6: How do you think KB could have handled Cassandra’s rude comments?

Not a very good idea. First, trading one mean comment for another doesn’t solve anything. Second, she could get in trouble if she said something mean in front of an adult at school. Third, it probably would just make things worse with Cassandra.

KB could have talked to me or her mom. Both of us would want to listen and help.

I don’t think this will work very well. If KB doesn’t talk with anyone about it, she’ll probably keep feeling bad, and Cassandra will probably keep bullying her. Are there any other good answers?

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