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Birthday: September 24
Age: 11
Activities: football, basketball, sports camp
Interests: team sports, running, monster truck shows

I’m popular, athletic and everyone knows my name. My best buds Koz and Snoog are always by my side and together we have ruled the school.

I’ll admit that I like to tease and push people around who are different from me.

One day, Milton and his crew stood up to me at day camp and told me to stop. The whole group surrounded me and said they would keep it up if I bothered them again. I didn’t expect that! It made me see they weren’t going to take it and I had no choice but to stop. Bullying isn’t as much fun as it used to be.

From Josh:

We have all felt intimidated by your bullying. Your story shows that by helping each other, we can all help prevent bullying.

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Content last reviewed on September 28, 2017