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Bullying Prevention and Remote Learning

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Child and mommy communicate and plays with tech device.

Going back to school this year looks a bit different for all students. Some students are attending class in person, some are learning from home, and others may be doing both. Building a safe and supportive learning environment for all kinds of learning is key to preventing bullying. Bullying prevention is one way to support students so they can get the most out of their education. Educators, teachers, parents and caregivers all play a role in children's learning and in bullying prevention.

The same principles for creating a safe, supportive classroom at school apply to online classroom environments. Establishing a culture of respect and inclusion helps every student feel welcome – both in person and online. Teachers and schools can communicate expectations using positive terms about what students should do instead of talking about what they shouldn't do. They can reward students when they show thoughtfulness and respect for peers, adults, and the school.

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