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Connect, Reflect and Prepare As the School Year Starts

A kid and his mother look at laptop

Going back to school is a milestone for parents, caregivers and children. It’s a time of transition when children and teens may be both excited and nervous about entering a new grade or school. As you prepare for this new school year, take time to reflect with your child about how they’ve grown since last year and what you can do together get off to a positive start.

Talk about the challenges they experienced last year, and how they handled or overcame them. Ask what they’re most concerned about in the coming school year. Use conversations as an opportunity to discuss school climate and how your child can prevent bullying and cyberbullying. Use these resources to talk to your children about bullying.

  • Young children can watch these animated videos about what bullying is, the roles children play in bullying, and the importance of positive friendships.
  • School-age children and teens can watch these short videos on how to become an upstander to bullying in English and Spanish.  They can also learn how to be someone’s hero by defending someone who is being bullied. Take a video tour of StopBullying.gov together in English or Spanish to learn more about other resources available on the website.
  • Teens can protect themselves from bullying in several ways, like having positive relationships with their classmates. Learn more about How Youth Can Protect Themselves from Bullying. Being a bystander to bullying is uncomfortable, but there are many ways that bystanders can make a positive difference for someone who is bullied.
  • You can prevent cyberbullying by teaching your children good digital citizenship skills. Model kindness and positive social behavior through moral engagement. Learn about popular social media apps and games so you’re aware of the potential risks involved in their use.