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What’s New on StopBullying.gov: A Redesigned Training Center Plus 11 User Guides

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The conversations we’ve had with community members across the country have taught us that training tools are among the most sought-after resources for promoting bullying prevention research and best practices.

Guided by feedback from community members, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) created the resources that would empower even more individuals to address bullying in the community. In partnership with the Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention, HRSA unveiled free Training Module Resources last year, to help local leaders organize an event or town hall on bullying.

Around the same time, the Department of Education launched a pair of Safe and Supportive Schools trainings to promote best practices in bullying intervention among bus drivers and classroom educators.

Today, you will find those resources and more housed on a new, re-designed and user-friendly Training Center on StopBullying.gov. The Center includes the following resources in both English and Spanish:

  • Training Module PowerPoint – a slide-by-slide presentation for use at a community event, workshop or town hall meeting, including a print-friendly version.
  • Community Action Toolkit – a supplemental guide, including tip sheets, a template event agenda, action planning matrix and feedback forms
  • Misdirections Video – a six-minute downloadable video featuring Dr. Catherine Bradshaw, a national expert in bullying prevention, discussing some approaches to avoid in bullying prevention and response, and corresponding Misdirections Tip Sheet and video transcripts
  • Infographic – a visual representation of the data and statistics on bullying today
  • NEW User guides – eleven new audience-specific resources to show the role these community members play in prevention:
    1. Parents and caregivers
    2. School administrators
    3. Health and safety professionals
    4. Law enforcement officers
    5. Elected officials
    6. Business leaders
    7. Faith leaders
    8. Youth organization leaders and mentors
    9. Early education and childcare providers
    10. Mental health and social service providers
    11. Local recreation officers

Next, we want to hear from you! Tell us what you think of the new Training Center by sharing your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter