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Reaching Teens Through Social Media

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Bullying stops teens from being who they want to be, prevents them from expressing themselves freely, and might even make them feel unsafe. Bullying can happen anywhere, both in person and online. In this age of constant connectivity, and understanding the value teens place on their social networks, it’s only fitting to try and better reach them digitally.

It’s no surprise that teens are highly visual, socially oriented, and always “connected.” They’re constantly on their phones and social networks sharing photos, providing encouragement to their friends, and communicating in a variety of ways. We saw this as an area where StopBullying.gov could grow and help reach teens where they are.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Tumblr page for StopBullying.gov. This site will be used as a way to engage youth from across the country to take a stand against bullying in their schools. In bringing StopBullying.gov to Tumblr, we hope to start a conversation and encourage teens to be more than a bystander.

The Tumblr page will feature messages of empowerment, encouraging teens to engage with each other in a positive way, all in an effort to stop bullying. Messages will focus on:

  • Being a good friend
  • Embracing differences
  • Individuality
  • Filling your time with positive activities
  • Recognizing that you’re not alone. Ever.

As the site evolves, we will include user-generated content to tap into the creativity of teens across the country. This will be a great tool to solicit ideas from teens and  make them a part of this national conversation on bullying.

We hope you “stumble” upon our Tumblr page and share not only with your social networks, but with the teen in your life.