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No Bull Guys – Taking a Stand Against Bullying

Scott Hannah, 17, and Tyler Gregory, 18, know all too well the impact that bullying can have. As a result, they are both taking a stand against bullying in their community. Originally intending to simply raise awareness about bullying at their local South Charleston high school in Ohio, Scott and Tyler ended up leaving a much more significant impact on their community. After their local campaign at their high school peaked in success, the teens were inspired to expand their involvement with the anti-bullying movement and participate in the “Great American No BULL challenge,” an amateur video competition in which over 1000 youth participants produce and edit their own short videos on anti-cyberbullying. Though they had virtually no prior film experience, the pair’s film, titled “Don’t Lose Hope, Stand Up to Bullying!” made it to the top 15 lineup, earning the “No Bull Guys,” as they like to call themselves—a healthy taste of local fame.

As a result of their heightened recognition, the pair has been invited to speak at numerous schools in Ohio, and have been afforded the opportunity to meet several other youth who they have called “amazing and inspiring,” as well as organization leaders who are doing remarkable things to end bullying. They credit their involvement with 4-H, one of the largest youth development programs in the world, for granting them “an experience of a lifetime.”

The No Bull Guys have quite the lineup for 2013, with plans to host even more speaking engagements across the country, linking up with Wright State University and the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, and hosting festivals with thousands of attendees. Despite what appears to be a jam-packed schedule, the pair says that they are excited for it all.

If you would like to reach the No Bull Guys, you can connect with them on their Facebook page, “The No Bull Guys.”