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Ready to Make a Difference? A New Training Resource Can Show You How

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Across the country, local leaders are stepping up to address bullying in their communities. Now that more and more people are taking a stand, many have asked for resources to help them become more effective. In response, StopBullying.gov pulled together research-based recommendations to provide some guidance. We know that every child, family, school and community is unique. So the real question is, “How can we connect the dots to find out what works for youth in my town?”

The Health Resources and Services Administration, an agency that is part of the US Department of Health and Human Services, has developed the Bullying Prevention Training Module and Community Action Toolkit - PDF. Included in this resource:

  • Training Module in PowerPoint format, addressing:
    • Key Findings about Bullying
    • Best Practices in Bullying Prevention and Response
    • Misdirections in Bullying Prevention and Response
    • How to Plan Next Steps
  • Printable Notes - PDF to accompany the Training Module
  • Community Action Toolkit - PDF, including such topics as:
    • Landscape Assessment – to help you understand the unique challenges in your community
    • Action Planning Matrix – to help you identify the right set of strategies to implement
    • Template agenda for a community event – to help you organize a local gathering, like a town hall
    • Tips for mobilizing stakeholders around bullying prevention – ideas for how to bring new, valuable partners to the table
    • Tips for engaging media in bullying prevention – suggestions for how to make your work newsworthy
    • Funding ideas for future bullying prevention efforts

These resources are designed for community members of all different backgrounds: elected officials, faith leaders, youth leaders, and professionals in education, health and safety, law enforcement, child care and out-of-school care, mental health and social services, local recreation offices, as well as leaders of the local business community. The Training Module itself can be delivered at conferences, trainings, community events, or even just downloaded for self-paced study at a home or office computer.

We know that so much hard work is already happening all across the United States. Our vision is that the Bullying Prevention Training Module and Community Action Toolkit will help this movement by sparking new, creative and effective solutions based upon the latest in research. Together, we can reduce bullying and its impact on our country’s youth!