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Yes . . . That's Bullying


Yes . . . That’s Bullying

FADE IN: Art class

Ms. Osborne: Oh, great job class! OK, now it's time for…'Art from Outer Space!'

The kids cheer and grab their paper and crayons. As some start drawing, Nisha is excited.

NISHA: I know! I'm going to draw the planet Saturn!

RAY: Me too!

Nisha and Ray start drawing. Henry smiles and starts drawing too.

HENRY: Me too!

Suddenly, Nisha frowns at Henry in protest.

NISHA: Oh no you're not.


RAY: YOU have to draw another planet. Only Nisha and I get to draw Saturn.

HENRY: But…I'm allowed to draw whatever I want to.

As Henry starts drawing Saturn, Ray suddenly takes a crayon and makes a big X on Henry's drawing. Henry frowns, upset.


A shy kid bystander, Zack, notices the tussle. His eyes widen with concern.

ZACK: Uh oh.

Zack notices as Selena tugs the teacher's sleeve and points to what’s happening.

SELENA: Ms. Osborne, we have a problem.

MS. OSBORNE: (quietly; aside to Selena) Thanks for letting me know, Selena.

NISHA: Henry, you can't draw ANY planets. 'Cause you're not good at ANYTHING.

Ms. Osborne steps up behind the children.

MS. OSBORNE: Nisha, Ray, that’s enough. We don’t allow this kind of talk. This isn't the first time you've used hurtful words. This is bullying, and it’s not OK.

NISHA AND RAY: Bullying?!

MS. OSBORNE: Yes, you were leaving someone out, ruining his picture, and hurting his feelings.

Getting the message, Nisha and Ray look away, knowing they were in the wrong.

MS. OSBORNE: Let's not forget -- everyone deserves respect.

All of the kids think to themselves, taking this in. Henry smiles thoughtfully, looking relieved. He takes a new piece of paper and draws a new image of Saturn.

NOTE: The transcript for this program may have been compiled from uncorrected Closed Captioning.

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