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Soccer Tryouts

KB tries out for the soccer team but has a hard time when Cassandra keeps trying to make her look bad in front of Coach.

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Question 1: Cassandra was up to no good on the soccer field. What two mean things did she do to her teammate, KB?

Yup. What else did she do?

Right. Really nice, huh? What else did Cassandra do to KB?

No, but she may get around to doing that tomorrow!

Question 2: Why do you think Coach Cruncher didn’t tell Cassandra to stop picking on KB?

I don’t think so. Try another answer.

I agree. Cassandra was pretty sneaky. Sometimes it is hard for adults to spot bullying, so it is best if you bring it to their attention.

He does want the team to win, but I know Coach Cruncher, and I don’t think he’d be very happy if he knew what Cassandra was up to.

Question 3: Besides KB, who do you think was feeling pretty bad at the end of soccer tryouts?

Hmmm. I don’t think so. Try again.

Maybe . . . but try another answer.

I agree. How could you tell?

Question 4: What could KB have done about Cassandra’s behavior on the soccer field?

Not a good idea. Besides, I know Cassandra . . . and that would have made things worse.

Yes, although it might be tough to do this smack in the middle of the tryouts. What else could KB have done?

I think this is a good strategy. What else could KB have done?

I agree. Her mom seems pretty understanding. What else could KB have done?

Question 5: Let’s say KB decided to talk with Coach Cruncher after the game about Cassandra’s behavior. What do you think she should say?

I don’t think Coach would be very happy to hear KB call Cassandra a “jerk.” Besides, she needs to tell Coach exactly what happened. Try again.

Sounds good to me. How do you think Coach Cruncher would respond?

KB may be feeling this way, but she should probably keep those thoughts to herself. It might make Coach a bit steamed. Besides, she didn’t say anything about how Cassandra acted during tryouts. Try again.

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