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Power in Numbers

Josh and Raven stand up to Brick when he bullies Milton in the cafeteria.

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Question 1: Why did Josh ask if he could sit with Milton at lunch?

I doubt it. Try again.

I don’t think that’s the reason. Try again.

Right. He had seen Brick bullying Milton and probably thought he could help Milton out.

Question 2: Brick left in a kind of hurry. Why?

Yup. I think that’s part of the reason. Kids often bully others because they get a kick out of getting them to react. Brick was probably hoping for a much different reaction from Milton. How do you think Brick expected Milton to react? Why else might Brick have been upset?

I agree. I’ll bet he wasn’t used to that at all. Why else might he have been upset?

Yeah. Kids who bully usually depend on their buddies for support. Maybe Brick felt like he was losing some of his power over Koz and Snoog. Do you think Brick would be so tough if Koz and Snoog weren’t there to back him up? Why else might Brick have been upset?

Question 3: Do you think this is the end of Brick’s bullying of Milton?

I don’t know. I have a feeling that things are looking up for Milton now that he has a group of friends around him. How could Josh and the others make sure? See question #4.

I agree. Things seem to be looking up for Milton now that he as a group of friends around him.

It is kind of hard to say, but I have a feeling he may have given up on bullying Milton. How could Josh and the others make sure? See question #4.

Question 4: What could Josh, Raven, and the other kids do to help make sure that Brick doesn’t pick on Milton or other kids anymore?

Probably a good idea. There’s safety in numbers. Brick probably won’t pick on Milton as long as Milton is with cool friends like Josh and Raven. What’s another good answer?

Right. They did it once, and that seemed to work pretty well. What else could they do?

I agree. Even if Brick quits picking on Milton, he might find another student to bully. So, it’s always a good idea to talk with an adult about bullying that you know about. They’re in a better position to make sure that Brick shapes up. Does your school have a rule that kids should report bullying? Mine does. If your school doesn’t have a rule like that, talk to your teacher or principal. Maybe it should.

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