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The Playground Is for Everyone


The Playground Is for Everyone

FADE IN: the playground

LANCE: Hey!  We called dibs on the climbing bars.

ALEXA: Yeah.  No one else is allowed to play on them. Just us.

TY: Since when?

ALEXA: Since now.  So get outta here.

Ty frowns.  Bummed, Jojo nudges him.

JOJO: Let’s go, Ty.

The two victims slink away, defeated. They walk past Zack, who furrows his brow.

ZACK: Ty, Jojo - wait - you guys are allowed to play on the climbing bars too.

TY: That's not what Lance said.

JOJO: Yeah. And Alexa too.

Zack gets a determined look and motions for Ty and Jojo to follow him.

ZACK: C'mon.

Ty and Jojo follow Zack to the climbing bars, still looking intimidated.  Zack yells up to Lance and Alexa.

ZACK: Hey you guys. The climbing bars belong to all of us. Not just you.

LANCE: Oh yeah?  Who says?

ZACK: I say. You're being mean by not letting Ty and Jojo play. That's bullying!

LANCE: No it's not.

Mr. Ortiz notices the commotion.  He marches toward the kids.

MR. ORTIZ: Oh, yes it is.  And Zack did a good job of recognizing it. He pointed out that it's best to share and include others.

TY: C'mon, guys! Let's ALL play on the bars.

Lance scoots over on the bars to make room for the others. Jojo and Zack start climbing up the bars.  Mr. Ortiz is pleased that the kids have learned an important lesson.

NOTE: The transcript for this program may have been compiled from uncorrected Closed Captioning.

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