StopBullying Kids Video


Soccer Tryouts

KB tries out for the soccer team but has a hard time when Cassandra keeps trying to make her look bad in front of Coach.

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Question 1: Cassandra was up to no good on the soccer field. What two mean things did she do to her teammate, KB?

  • Yup. What else did she do?
  • Right. Really nice, huh? What else did Cassandra do to KB?
  • No, but she may get around to doing that tomorrow!


Question 2: Why do you think Coach Cruncher didn’t tell Cassandra to stop picking on KB?

  • I don’t think so. Try another answer.
  • I agree. Cassandra was pretty sneaky. Sometimes it is hard for adults to spot bullying, so it is best if you bring it to their attention.
  • He does want the team to win, but I know Coach Cruncher, and I don’t think he’d be very happy if he knew what Cassandra was up to.


Question 3: Besides KB, who do you think was feeling pretty bad at the end of soccer tryouts?

  • Hmmm. I don’t think so. Try again.
  • Maybe…but try another answer.
  • I agree. How could you tell?


Question 4: What could KB have done about Cassandra’s behavior on the soccer field?

  • Not a good idea. Besides, I know Cassandra…and that would have made things worse.
  • Yes, although it might be tough to do this smack in the middle of the try-outs. What else could KB have done?
  • I think this is a good strategy. What else could KB have done?
  • I agree. Her Mom seems pretty understanding. What else could KB have done?


Question 5: Let’s say KB decided to talk with Coach Cruncher after the game about Cassandra’s behavior. What do you think she should say?

  • I don’t think Coach would be very happy to hear KB call Cassandra a “jerk.” Besides, she needs to tell Coach exactly what happened. Try again.
  • Sounds good to me. How do you think Coach Cruncher would respond?
  • KB may be feeling this way, but she should probably keep those thoughts to herself. It might make Coach a bit steamed. Besides, she didn’t say anything about how Cassandra acted during tryouts. Try again.
Content last reviewed on September 25, 2017