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KB Recalls Her Day

KB avoids telling her mom about how hard her first day of school at her new school was.  She did not tell her mom that the other kids made fun of her and cyberbullied her by posting a picture of her online.

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Question 1: Why did KB tell her mother that her day at school was “just great”?

  • I agree.
  • I don’t think so…but seeing Mr. Bittner may have been the one good thing in her day!
  • I doubt it. Her mom probably would be upset and concerned. She definitely wouldn’t be mad at KB.


Question 2: What might be a better way for KB to answer her mom’s question about her day?

  • That probably won’t make KB feel any better. Her mom also won’t know what to think. Are there any other answers?
  • Hmmm. I don’t think that’s going to help KB any. Plus, her mom probably will find out that it isn’t true.
  • I think this is the best answer. K.B. probably will feel better just talking about her horrible day. Her mom seems really caring and may have some good ideas about how to help K.B. at the new school.


Question 3: If you were KB, what would have been the worst part of your day?

  • That was pretty bad—especially since the whole class laughed at her.
  • That must have been really hard on KB. Has this ever happened to you or anyone you know?
  • She looked really embarrassed, didn’t she?
  • Yeah. Especially since this was at the end of a long day of being bullied.
  • I agree!


Question 4: Did Melanie bully KB?

  • Although she wasn’t as mean as Cassandra, Bibi, or Mimi, she did join in some of the bullying. For example, she helped to make sure that KB didn’t sit with them at the lunch table, and she laughed at KB when she found the “teacher’s pet” sign on the locker. On the other hand, she did look kind of upset when KB sat on the ketchup packet. What could Melanie have done to make sure she helped and didn’t hurt KB?


Question 5: Why do you think Melanie didn’t laugh when KB sat on the ketchup packets in the lunch room?

  • Take a look again. She saw it happen, alright.
  • Maybe…but I think there’s a better answer.
  • I think you’re right. So what should she do about it?
Content last reviewed on September 20, 2017