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KB and Melanie Partner Up

Cassandra continues to tease KB during class and gets spoke to by the teacher. Mel and KB are assigned to be lab partners and become friends.

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Question 1: Why do you think Mr. Bittner decided to "mix up" the lab partners?

  • Really? I think there’s another reason. Try again.
  • Exactly. Why did he think that would be a good idea? Check out question #2.
  • That would have been a good reason, too. They’re impossible! But I don’t think that’s the main reason he did it. Try again.


Question 2: Why did Mr. Bittner think it would be a good idea to pair Melanie and KB as lab partners?

  • Right. I’ll bet he also thought they might become friends if they worked together. What is another good answer?
  • Right! What might be another good reason to put them together as lab partners?
  • I don’t think so. Mr. Bittner seems to have had some good reasons. Try again.


Question 3: Why do you think Melanie goes back into the lab after class is over?

  • She did leave her book in the lab. Do you think she might have done that on purpose? What’s another good answer?
  • Maybe. I sure would have wanted to get away from Cassandra…but I’m not sure this is the best answer.
  • I agree. I think she wanted to go back to talk with KB.


Question 4: Do you think Mr. Bittner’s plan to get Melanie and KB to become friends will work?

  • Really? Weren’t there a few good signs that KB and Mel might become friends? Stay tuned to find out.


Question 5: If KB and Melanie do become friends, do you really think that would help protect KB from getting bullied by Cassandra, Mimi, and Bibi?

  • I don’t agree. Sometimes, just having one good friend can make a huge difference. Kids who have close friends are not as likely to get picked on. It also probably would make KB feel much less lonely if she had a good friend at school. Do you know any kids at school who could use a friend? Could you be that friend?
Content last reviewed on September 20, 2017