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Watch these videos to learn how KB, Josh, Milton, and their friends deal with kids who bully. After watching each video, take a quiz to see how much you know about bullying.

Meet the Cast

Older Kids' Videos

KB's First Day

Webisode 1: KB’s First Day

Being the new girl at school isn’t easy for KB.


Milton's Dreams

Webisode 2: Milton’s Dreams

Milton is bullied because he loves to play the tuba.


Josh North

Webisode 3: Josh North

Brick surprises Josh by complimenting him on a great race.

Melanie's Friends

Webisode 4: Melanie’s Friends

Melanie finds it hard to be friends with someone who bullies others.


KB Recalls Day

Webisode 5: KB’s Day

KB doesn’t tell her mom about what is happening at school.


Josh & Raven

Webisode 6: Josh & Raven

When Brick bullies Milton, Josh remembers when he was bullied.


Soccer Tryouts

Webisode 7: Soccer Tryouts

Soccer tryouts don’t go well for KB because of Cassandra’s behavior on the field.


KB withdraws

Webisode 8: KB Withdraws

KB wants to quit soccer because she is afraid of being bullied.


Changes of Heart

Webisode 9: Changes of Heart

Josh learns that kids who bully can change and Milton quits the tuba.


KB & Melanie

Webisode 10: KB & Melanie

Mr. Bittner assigns new lab partners to help KB and Melanie.


Power in numbers

Webisode 11: Power in Numbers

New friends help Milton stand up to Brick.


Real friends

Webisode 12: Real Friends

KB and Melanie learn the importance of real friends.



Early Childhood Videos

Yes, that's bullying

Yes… That’s Bullying Webisode

Henry's feelings are hurt when his classmates leave him out, ruin his artwork and call him names.

Playground is for everyone

The Playground Is for Everyone

Ty and Jojo are told by Lance to keep off the climbing bars.

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