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Wyoming Anti-Bullying Laws & Policies

Components of State Anti-Bullying Laws and Regulations

Component Included
Prohibiting statement Yes
Definition Yes
Scope Yes
Protected groups No
District policy requirement Yes
Reporting and investigations Yes
Consequences Yes
Communication of policy Yes
Safeguards and supports Yes
Review and update of local policies Yes
Prevention education Yes
Staff training Yes
Parent engagement Yes

Which Wyoming laws and regulations cover bullying?

How are bullying and cyberbullying defined in Wyoming anti-bullying laws and regulations?

Wyoming anti-bullying laws include the following definitions of harassment, intimidation or bullying:

“Harassment, intimidation or bullying” means any intentional gesture, any intentional electronic communication or any intentional written, verbal or physical act initiated, occurring or received at school that a reasonable person under the circumstances should know will have the effect of:

  1. Harming a student physically or emotionally, damaging a student's property or placing a student in reasonable fear of personal harm or property damage;
  2. Insulting or demeaning a student or group of students causing substantial disruption in, or substantial interference with, the orderly operation of the school; or
  3. Creating an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for a student or group of students through sufficiently severe, persistent or pervasive behavior.

Wyo. Stat. § 21-4-312 (2009)

Do Wyoming anti-bullying laws and regulations cover cyberbullying that occurs off-campus?

No. Wyoming anti-bullying laws do not cover off-campus conduct.

What are the policy requirements for schools to prevent and respond to bullying behavior?

Wyoming school districts are required to adopt a policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation, bullying, or cyber bullying. District policies must contain key policy and procedural elements, including, but not limited to:

  • Statements prohibiting harassment, intimidation, or bullying of a student;
  • Definitions of prohibited behavior that are no less inclusive than definitions in state law;
  • Disciplinary consequences and remedial actions for persons committing acts of harassment, intimidation, or bullying or acts of reprisal or retaliation;
  • Procedures for prompt reporting, investigations, and documentation, including identification of the appropriate school personnel responsible for receiving a report and investigating a complaint;
  • Statements prohibiting reprisal or retaliation against a person who reports harassment, intimidation, or bullying;
  • Strategies for protecting a victim following a report;
  • Consequences and appropriate remedial action for a person who has made a false accusation, report, or complaint;
  • Processes for discussing the district’s harassment, intimidation, or bullying policy with students; and
  • Statements regarding how the policy will be publicized within the district.

Wyoming school districts must continuously review and revise district bullying policies as necessary.

Do Wyoming anti-bullying laws and regulations include protections for specific groups?

No. There are no specific groups listed under Wyoming anti-bullying laws or regulations.

Schools that receive federal funding are required by federal law to address discrimination based on certain personal characteristics. Find out when bullying may be a civil rights violation.

Do Wyoming anti-bullying laws and regulations encourage or require districts to implement bullying prevention programs or strategies?

Yes. Wyoming school districts are encouraged to establish bullying prevention programs or other initiatives and may involve school staff, students, administrators, volunteers, parents, law enforcement, and community members.

Do Wyoming anti-bullying laws and regulations encourage or require districts to train teachers and other school staff on how to respond to bullying incidents?

Yes.  Wyoming school districts must incorporate information regarding the school district's policy against harassment, intimidation, or bullying into district professional development programs, and must provide training to volunteers and other noncertified employees of the district who have significant contact with students. Wyoming anti-bullying laws require the D epartment of E ducation to develop teacher preparation program standards on the identification and prevention of bullying.

Do Wyoming anti-bullying laws and regulations encourage or require districts to provide safeguards or mental health supports for students involved with bullying?

Yes. Wyoming anti-bullying laws require district policies to include strategies to protect a victim from additional harassment, intimidation, or bullying and from retaliation following a report.

Do Wyoming anti-bullying laws and regulations involve parents in efforts to address bullying behavior?

Yes. Wyoming school districts must involve parents and guardians, school employees, volunteers, students, administrators, and community representatives in the process of creating the district bullying policy. Wyoming school districts are also encouraged to involve parents in establishing bullying prevention programs or other initiatives.

For More Information

Visit the Wyoming Department of Education’s  “Health and Safety” webpages and/or view the Wyoming state model policy I and state model policy II on bullying and harassment.

The key component framework used in the analysis of state laws is based on the review of legislation presented in the “Analysis of State Bullying Laws and Policies – December 2011” (U.S. Department of Education).

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