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arrow The Annual Bullying Survey 2016 Tips & Facts Liam Hackett, CEO Ditch the Label 2016

The UK’s most comprehensive report into the bullying behaviours of young people aged 12-20 in 2016. In partnership with 73 schools and colleges across the UK, the fourth and largest edition of our yearly benchmark report we surveyed 8,850 young people. Our free report has thousands of the latest bullying statistics and fully explores the reasons why young people bully others

Topics: Disabilities & Special Needs, LGBT, Policies & Laws, Prevention, Respond to Bullying, Kids, Schools, Cyberbullying, Violence, Youth Development, Healthy Relationships, Gender

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arrow The Cornell Research Program on Self-Injury and Recovery Research The Cornell Research Program on Self-Injury and Recovery 2017

This is a resource on self harm that has informative fact sheets and statistics as well as helpful resources for school staff on how to notice the warning signs of self harm and develop a school protocol to improve the situation.

Topics: Prevention, Kids

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arrow The Middle Ages: An After School Comedy Series for Middle Schoolers, about Middle Schoolers, by Middle Schoolers Tips & Facts Matinee Scholars Unknown

An after school situation comedy, written, acted, and in some cases filmed by middle school students, YMCA attendees, or Boys/Girls clubs. The episodes created address bullying within the context of storytelling, and allow students to vent their feelings through fictional cast of a sit-com.

Topics: Prevention, Kids

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arrow The Ring of Valor: Bullying Toolkit & Training Kansas State University Unknown

The Ring of Valor focuses on nurturing courage in the target of bullying and its onlookers.

Topics: Prevention

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arrow The Trevor Project Campaign The Trevor Project Unknown

The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth. If you are a young person who is in crisis, feeling suicidal, or in need of a safe and judgment-free place to talk, call The Trevor Lifeline any time at 866-488-7386. It's free and confidential.

Topics: LGBT

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arrow Thursday's Child Tips & Facts Thursday's Child Unknown

Thursday's Child's helpline offers listening, advice and direct intervention, working with individual schools to help end bullying cases. We are also the only call center listed on the website for the Congressional Caucus to End Bullying

Topics: Respond to Bullying, Cyberbullying, Teen Dating Violence

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arrow Tool 4: Refugee and Immigrant Youth and Bullying: Frequently Asked Questions Tips & Facts Bridging Refugee Youth & Children's Services (BRYCS) 2010

This tool, which is part of a larger schools toolkit, highlights the topic of refugee and immigrant youth and bullying along with "promising practices" and a list of highlighted resources.

Topics: Prevention, Respond to Bullying

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arrow Truth Is (Official Music Video) Tips & Facts Marcella Fruehan 2012

This is a song that my 16 year old daughter wrote to take a stand against bullying. She produced this video and is sharing it with schools and youth organizations to help connect with her peers, to encourage them that they are all special and loved and that bullying is wrong. Please feel free to share it!

Topics: Prevention, Respond to Bullying, Kids, Youth Development, Healthy Relationships

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arrow Understanding Bullying Within the Camp Setting: Tips for Parents Tip Sheet Tips & Facts Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) 2011

Camp is similar to school and other settings in which children and youth gather—in that bullying does occur. Children engaging in new activities, meeting new friends, establishing varying social groups at camp, and sharing living quarters with other campers present challenges to even the most well-adjusted child.

Topics: Youth Development, Prevention, Respond to Bullying

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arrow Upstander Alliance Toolkit & Training National School Climate Center (NSCC) 2010

The Upstander Alliance provides free resources to help student teams, in collaboration with adult moderators at the school, create targeted community-wide engagement projects focused on preventing bullying and creating a positive community of upstanders. the Through the Upstander Alliance, teams become part of a national movement, and can:

- Access Detailed Toolkits for students and adult moderators on how to start and sustain a successful youth team dedicated to raising awareness and putting an end to bullying for good.
- Start Team Projects- Each team will be encouraged to create their own student-led initiatives to help address the issue of bullying with their entire community.
- Connect with other Alliances across the country to share their stories, challenges, and successes.
- Get Messages of Support from youth leaders, experts, and celebrities who will encourage teams throughout the school year on the Upstander Central forum.

Topics: Prevention, Kids, Schools, Healthy Relationships

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