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arrow The Middle Ages: An After School Comedy Series for Middle Schoolers, about Middle Schoolers, by Middle Schoolers Tips & Facts Matinee Scholars Unknown

An after school situation comedy, written, acted, and in some cases filmed by middle school students, YMCA attendees, or Boys/Girls clubs. The episodes created address bullying within the context of storytelling, and allow students to vent their feelings through fictional cast of a sit-com.

Topics: Prevention, Kids

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arrow Kids Against Bullying Tips & Facts PACER Unknown

This kid-focused website offers games, videos, and other kid-friendly resources about bullying.

Topics: Kids

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arrow Welcoming Schools Toolkit & Training Welcoming Schools Unknown

Welcoming Schools is an LGBT-inclusive approach to addressing family diversity, gender stereotyping and bullying and name-calling in K-5 learning environments. Welcoming Schools provides administrators, educators and parents/guardians with the resources necessary to create learning environments in which all learners are welcomed and respected.

Topics: Prevention, Schools, LGBT

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arrow It's My Life: Bullies Tips & Facts PBS Kids Unknown

"It's My Life," the PBS Kids website for tweens, offers children ages 8 to 12 a variety of information and interactivity about bullies, including polls, printables, and a "Beat the Bully" game. Covers topics such as "Who's A Target," "Are You A Bully?," "Innocent Bystanders," and "Online Bullying."

Topics: Respond to Bullying, Kids

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arrow Thursday's Child Tips & Facts Thursday's Child Unknown

Thursday's Child's helpline offers listening, advice and direct intervention, working with individual schools to help end bullying cases. We are also the only call center listed on the website for the Congressional Caucus to End Bullying

Topics: Respond to Bullying, Cyberbullying, Teen Dating Violence

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arrow Social and Emotional Learning and Bullying Prevention Toolkit & Training Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning, National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Violence Prevention Unknown

Schools using a social and emotional learning (SEL) framework can foster an overall climate of inclusion, warmth, and respect, and promote the development of core social and emotional skills among both students and staff. The brief provides a basic description of a school-wide SEL framework, illustrates the relationship between social and emotional factors and bullying, and explains how an SEL framework can be extended to include bullying prevention.

Topics: Prevention, Schools, Youth Development, Healthy Relationships

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arrow Matthew Shepard Foundation Campaign Matthew Shepard Foundation Unknown

The Matthew Shepard Foundation encourages respect for human dignity and difference by raising awareness, opening dialogues, and promoting positive change.

Topics: LGBT

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arrow Teens Against Bullying Tips & Facts PACER Unknown

This teen-focused website offers information about bullying.

Topics: Prevention

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arrow Eyes on Bullying Toolkit Toolkit & Training Kim Storey, Ed.D. and Ron Slaby, Ph.D. Unknown

This toolkit is a 43-page, downloadable booklet containing key information, useful resources, and six skills-building activities for adults to use interactively with children of any age.

Topics: Prevention, Respond to Bullying, Schools

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arrow Blueprints for Violence Prevention Evidence-based Programs Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence, University of Colorado Unknown

The Blueprints mission is to identify truly outstanding violence and drug prevention programs that meet a high scientific standard of effectiveness. In doing so, Blueprints serves as a resource for governments, foundations, businesses, and other organizations trying to make informed judgments about their investments in violence and drug prevention programs.

Topics: Prevention

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