Milton’s Dreams Are Dashed

Being bullied by the "torture patrol" affects Milton’s tuba lesson.

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Question 1: What is Milton Weems’ big dream?

A) To be part of Brick’s gang.

RavenI doubt it. I wouldn’t want to hang out with Brick, would you?


B) To be a tuba rock star!

RavenRight. And he’ll probably be the first one!

C) Not to be picked on by Brick and his friends anymore.

RavenI’m sure he wants them to quit bullying him, wouldn’t you? Are there any other good answers?

Question 2: How did Srta. Ortega react when Milton said he’d been picked on by some guys in school?

A) She was upset and said she’d look into it.

RavenRight. What else did she tell him?

B) She told him he just had to stick up for himself.

RavenNo way! That wouldn’t be very helpful, would it? Try again.

C) She told him that nobody deserves to be bullied.

RavenRight. And Srta. Ortega is absolutely correct.

Question 3: How many different ways was Milton bullied today at school?

A) One. He was shoved by Brick and his friends.

RavenIs that all? Look again.

B) Two. He was shoved by Brick and his friends and hit with mud.

RavenAny other ways?

C) At least three. He was shoved, hit with mud, AND teased

RavenRight. And that was just today! What are some other ways that kids bully each other?

Question 4: If Milton tries to keep ignoring Brick, do you think the bullying will stop?

A) Probably.

RavenMaybe…but I doubt it. It looks like Milton has been bullied a long time by Brick and his friends, so I think it’s going to take something more to stop it.

B) Probably not.

RavenRight. Sometimes trying to ignore a bully will work, but usually the bullying just continues. In Milton’s case, it looks like the bullying has been going on a long time. He did the right thing in talking to Sra. Ortega.

Question 5: What do you think Srta. Ortega should do to help Milton?

A) She should talk with Milton’s parents about the bullying.

RavenThis is probably a good idea. How do you think Milton would feel about that? What else might she do?

B) She should keep encouraging Milton with his tuba playing, since that makes him happy.

RavenI agree. Milton seems to really like hanging out with Srta. Ortega. What else should she do?

C) She should talk with the principal or other teachers at school and make sure that an adult talks with Brick and his buddies about their bullying Milton.

RavenYes. Often, this is the best way to stop bullying. How do you think Milton would feel about this? How could Srta. Ortega do this without making it worse for Milton? What else should Srta. Ortega do?