Melanie’s Friends

Melanie wants to fit in, so she stops hanging out with her old friends and starts hanging out with the cool kids at school.  She doesn’t stand up for her old friends when they get bullied.

Take the Quiz

Question 1: Why did Melanie tell Cassandra that she was talking to “nobody” when she actually was talking to Raven and Lasa?

A) She forgot who she was talking to.

I don’t think so. Try again.


B) She was afraid that Cassandra would be mad that she was talking to them.

Right. What kind of friend do you think Cassandra is to Melanie? How do you think Melanie feels about the situation?

C) Melanie thought it would be fun to make fun of Lasa and Raven.

I don’t think so. Melanie seems like she feels bad about insulting her friends.

Question 2: What do you think Melanie should have done when Cassandra saw her talking to her friends, Lasa and Raven?

A) Introduce Cassandra to them as “my old friends.”

Hmmm. That might hurt Lasa’s and Raven’s feelings. What else could she have done?

B) Pretend she didn’t know Cassandra.

I don’t think that would have worked very well. What else might she have done?

C) Tell Cassandra that Raven and Lasa are her friends, too.

This seems like the best answer. How hard do you think that would be for Melanie to do? Why?

Question 3: Why do you think that Bibi and Mimi had nightmares about Cassandra?

A) They were afraid that Cassandra would kick them out of her group of friends if they dressed wrong or had a bad hair day.

Exactly. Some friend, huh? True friends like you for who you are.

B) They can’t stand Cassandra.

No. They seem to be happy to be in her group!

C) Maybe they ate pizza right before they went to sleep.

I doubt it. Try again.

Question 4: What do you think of Melanie’s new group of friends: Bibi, Mimi, and Cassandra?

A) They’re pretty cool.

Really? They seem kind of mean to me.

B) I’d find some new friends.

Me, too! Or I’d make up with Raven and Lasa!