KB Withdraws, Melanie Gets Dissed

KB wants to quit soccer because of what happened at tryouts. After she tells her mom, her mom recognizes the signs and realizes that KB must be getting bullied.

Take the Quiz

Question 1: Why weren’t Lasa and Raven very friendly to Melanie in the store?

A) Because Melanie hadn’t been very nice to them the other day at school.

Senorita OrtegaRight. Remember? In Episode 4, when Cassandra asked Mel who she was talking to, Mel answered, “Nobody.” Is there another good answer?

B) . Because Melanie dropped them for another group of friends.

Senorita OrtegaYup. Has that ever happened to you? Why else do you think Lasa and Raven weren’t friendly to Mel.

C) They’re jealous because she’s friends with Cassandra, Mimi, and Bibi, and they want to be in the “in” crowd too.

Senorita OrtegaI don’t think so. They don’t seem to like Cassandra and her group very much. Try again.

Question 2: Why did KB want to quit soccer?

A) She didn’t have any fun playing soccer the other day.

Senorita OrtegaYou’re right. She didn’t have much fun. Why was that? What else might be a good answer?

B) She didn’t like the coach.

Senorita OrtegaHmm. She was probably frustrated that the Coach didn’t see what was really going on…but I don’t think that’s why she wanted to quit soccer. Try another answer.

C) She was upset about getting bullied by Cassandra during soccer tryouts.

Senorita OrtegaRight. She probably thought quitting soccer would be a good way of avoiding Cassandra in the future. Do you think she was right?

Question 3: What happens to make KB’s mom finally realize why KB is feeling upset about school?

A) KB probably told her about being bullied.

Senorita OrtegaNo. I don’t think KB had said anything about the bullying to her mother yet. Why don’t you think she told her mom? Should she have? What might be a better answer? 

B) She actually saw KB being picked on by Cassandra and the other girls.

Senorita OrtegaRight. And what did she remember when she saw KB being bullied?

C) She remembered how it felt to be bullied when she was a girl.

Senorita OrtegaYes. What made her think about that? Have you ever thought that lots of adults you know might have been bullied when they were kids?

Question 4: Now that KB’s mom knows that her daughter is being bullied by some girls at school, what do you think is the first thing that she’ll do?

A) She’ll probably go report what she saw to the principal.

Senorita OrtegaShe might talk with the principal at some point…but I don’t think that’s the first thing she’d do. Try another answer.

B) She’ll probably get out of the car and yell at Cassandra and the other girls.

Senorita OrtegaHmm. She might feel like yelling at them, but I don’t think she’d actually do that. She’d probably realize that yelling at Cassandra might just make things worse for KB. What else might she do?

C)When KB gets home from school, she’ll probably talk with KB about what she saw.

Senorita OrtegaThat’s a good idea. What do you think she’ll say?