Josh Has Lunch with Raven and Milton

Josh watches as Milton gets bullied by Brick and remembers back to when he was bullied last year.

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Question 1: If you were Josh and watched a group of kids stomp on someone’s lunch, what could you do to help?

A) Not much. I’d be out-numbered.

LasaYou might be outnumbered. But I’m guessing that the other students at school don’t really like how Brick acts, so you might have some other students who could help you out.

B) I could throw food at Brick. Maybe other kids would join in.

LasaNOT a good idea. Then you’d just get in trouble for starting a food fight!

C) I could tell Brick to cut it out.

LasaGood, although that might be kind of hard. What would you say to Brick?

D) Tell a trusted friend.

LasaThat’s probably a good idea. Who would you tell? Other students? Adults at school?

Question 2: How much courage do you think it would take for Josh to stand up for Milton while Brick and his gang are squashing Milton’s lunch?

A) Not much. It’s no big deal.

LasaHello? Brick seems pretty scary, and Josh looks worried to me. I think it would take a lot of guts, but I have the feeling that Josh can handle it.

B) A lot.

LasaI agree. Especially since the whole cafeteria might be watching. If it’s too scary to do something to stop bullying while it is happening, you can always do something like tell an adult about it later. Take a look at Question #3.


Question 3: What about after Brick and the gang leave? What could Josh and Raven do to help Milton?

A) They could help him clean up his squashed lunch.

LasaGood idea. What else could they do?

B) They could ask Milton to sit with them.

LasaYeah. What do you think Milton would say if he was invited to eat lunch with them? What else could they do?

C) They could tell Milton that they don’t think it’s right that he’s being picked on.

LasaUh-huh. If you were Milton, would that make you feel better? What else could they do?

D) They could tell an adult.

LasaYup. That is a very good idea.

Question 4: What does Josh mean when he says he was “suffering from an attack of deja-vu”?

A) Deja-vu is an illness caused by eating cafeteria food.

LasaHuh? Try again.

B) He had a “flash-back” and remembered how he had been bullied when he was younger — just like Milton.

LasaYup. Not a fun memory, huh?

C) He has a crush on Raven.

LasaHe does seem to like Raven…but that’s probably not what was bothering him. Try another answer.