Changes of Heart

Milton decides that he doesn’t want to play the tuba anymore and Josh confronts the kids that used to bully him but that are now being nice to him.

Take the Quiz

Question 1:  Why is Milton upset when his parents ask him if he’s going to practice his tuba before dinner?

A)  He’s in a really bad mood because he was bullied all day at school by Brick and his gang.

Right. I’d be feeling pretty mad, too.

B)  His parents are always nagging him about practicing the tuba.

They don’t seem the nagging types. Try another answer.

C) He’s hungry and wants to eat now!

I doubt it. Try another answer.

Question 2: What do you think Milton’s parents are thinking when Milton storms out of the room?

A) I guess Milton doesn’t like lasagna so much after all.

Nope. Try again.

B) What in the world is upsetting Milton?

I agree. They look pretty confused and worried about how he acted.

C) What can we do to get Milton to practice?

I don’t think so. They seem much more worried about Milton than about his tuba.

Question 3: Why do you think Milton doesn’t tell his parents the real reason why he’s so upset?

A) He probably thinks they wouldn’t understand.

You may be right. Do you think they’d understand? Why else might Milton not want to tell his parents?

B) He’s probably embarrassed about getting bullied at school.

I’ll bet he is embarrassed, although it’s really not his fault, is it? Lots of kids get bullied. Why else?

C) He’s afraid his dad will just tell him to “toughen up.”

Maybe, but I think his dad would be more understanding than that. What else might be a good answer?

D) He’s probably afraid that if he tells his parents, they’ll want to tell his teachers at school — and he thinks that might make things even worse.

You may be right. But it might not be such a bad idea if they did talk with his teachers. Adults at school can really make a difference in stopping bullying. Why else might Milton not want to tell his parents?

Question 4: Egg and Drizzy used to pick on Josh. So why are they nice to him, all of a sudden?

A) They’re all going to be on the same track team.

True. Why else?

B) Thor was the main bully. Without him around, Egg and Drizzy don’t feel pressure to pick on Josh.

Probably. Lots of kids will join in bullying if another kid starts it. Not a very cool way to act…but it looks like Egg and Drizzy want to make up for their sorry behavior.

C) Josh grew a lot over the summer. Maybe they’re afraid he’d beat them up.

I don’t think so. Try again.