Bullying Prevention Awareness Month Ends

Oct 31, 2016|By: Bethany D. Miller, Health Resources and Services Administration and Ed Board member
Posted In: Prevention

School-based bullying has decreased for the first time since data have been collected, which is very encouraging. Yet, certain groups of youth may be at greater risk for bullying due to a perceived power imbalance. During bullying prevention awareness month, we featured the voices of some of these youth including those who:

The month of October also highlighted other important causes:

  • October 19 was Unity Day, a day to be united against bullying and for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.
  • National Cyber Security Awareness Month raises awareness on how we can protect our children and youth against cyberbullying and harassment.

Here are some opportunities to learn about bullying and how to prevent it all year long:

And remember: We all have the ability to make an impact on bullying. 

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