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open close toggle Boston vs Bullies Campaign Rusty Sullivan and Kim Storey 2012

This anti-bullying initiative by The Sports Museum and the Boston sports community features athletes from all of Boston's professional sports teams sharing their stories and providing kids with ways to stand strong against bullying. On the website you’ll find tools, tips, and guidance to help kids prevent and stop bullying. The website includes four public service announcements and nine player-specific videos.

Topics: Prevention, Respond to Bullying, Kids

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open close toggle Community Action Training Module PowerPoint Toolkit & Training 2012

This developed presentation is designed be given at a community event, workshop or town hall meeting. A guide with speaker notes is available at:

Topics: Prevention, Schools

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open close toggle They're Wrong you're Right Podcasts Marla Adler 2012

A video and song to empower kids , sung by a fifteen year old New Jersy girl who has been through this. They're Wrong I'm Right I don't need to Fight To prove who I am I'm just right , Just right When it comes to haters I tell em see you later To the Drama Queens and fakers They're Wrong I'm Right,, I don't need to Fight I'LL BE ALRIGHT

Topics: Respond to Bullying, Kids

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open close toggle Bullying Academy Scavenger Hunt Teaching Tool Toolkit & Training Bullying Academy 2012

This tool offers kids and interactive experience while learning how to identify, prevent and respond to bullying. Modules are available for 4th - 8th grade students.

Topics: Prevention, Respond to Bullying, Kids, Schools, Cyberbullying

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open close toggle No Bullying PSA Campaign Yung Mieo 2012

Yung Mieo and Basket Ball Player Hot Sauce Team up together to increase the awareness of bulling.

Topics: Prevention, Kids

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open close toggle BFF (Be a Friend First) Tips & Facts Girl Scouts of the USA 2012

BFF (Be a Friend First) a title selected by middle school girls, was created to help them develop healthy relationship skills, understand relational aggression, and learn about conflict resolution and bullying prevention. Based on Girl Scouts of the USA’s aMAZE! Journey leadership curriculum, the activities and content in BFF are correlated to national and state standards, particularly character education, service learning, and written communication skills. Girls begin BFF by understanding how to develop healthy friendships. They then learn to deal with relational aggression and bullying in their own relationships. Finally, they lead with friendship in their schools and communities by taking action to prevent bully behavior. BFF is tailored to girls’ specific interests and needs. It is based on extensive research on girls’ relationships and bullying behavior, conducted by the Girl Scout Research Institute, as well as focus groups with middle school girls from across the country. BFF was developed to address girl-bullying specifically, and during the years when it is most prevalent. Facilitated by trained community volunteers in middle schools, faith or community-based settings, BFF is designed to create opportunities for girls to share their experiences, gain skills for developing meaningful friendships through games and role plays, and practice resolving conflict in healthy ways. Importantly, girls will work on a project of their own design to address bullying in their schools or larger communities. This is a key part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience—taking action to make the world a better place—an empowering experience for girls on this or any issue! BFF Sample Eight Session Overview • First Impressions in the Maze • Navigating Friendships • Cliques and Conflicts • Caution: Bullies Straight Ahead • Let Peace Begin with You • Improving Relationship and the World • Toward Peace: Take Action! • Pass it Forward BFF is free of charge and schools and community groups need only contact their local Girl Scout Council ( to initiate program and partnership. Print resources in English or Spanish are available to volunteers interested in facilitating the program and can be obtained from the local Council or online via the BFF facilitator community: Additional online games, quizzes, activities and videos for girls are available at: For more information and video stories, go to:

Topics: Prevention, Respond to Bullying, Kids, Schools, Cyberbullying, Youth Development, Healthy Relationships

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open close toggle Badge Society Tips & Facts Emily Javis 2012

To Whom It May Concern: I have just finished viewing the website and found it quite enjoyable. I found the content to be very valuable and informative. I am the Co-Founder of Badge Society, an LGBTQ online community for all ages. The site is a year old and consists of a forum, news page and a directory (coming soon). Badge Society was initially created in light of the many LGBT suicides that took place. I feel that for many people, especially youth, they should have an outlet and an endless amount of resources to encourage them or uplift them through their struggles. Badge Society visitors would appreciate your site visitors’ input as I think we appeal to the same demographic group. We focus on the LGBTQ community and its supporters, and would likely be of value to your visitors. At the moment we want to expand and become affiliated with other organizations that have our common goals in mind. I am reaching out to you today to see if you would list Badge Society as a resource, whether it is in your site’s newsletter, resource page or whatever means of communicating with your visitors that you may have to raise awareness for both of our causes. In return, we would feature on our news page and provide a free listing in our upcoming directory. If there’s anything else that you can think of that we may do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. You can contact me at anytime to let me know what you think by responding to this email. Thank you in advance for your time. Sincerely, Emily Javis Co-Founder of Badge Society Email:

Topics: LGBT

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open close toggle Truth Is (Official Music Video) Tips & Facts Marcella Fruehan 2012

This is a song that my 16 year old daughter wrote to take a stand against bullying. She produced this video and is sharing it with schools and youth organizations to help connect with her peers, to encourage them that they are all special and loved and that bullying is wrong. Please feel free to share it!

Topics: Prevention, Respond to Bullying, Kids, Youth Development, Healthy Relationships

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open close toggle How to UnMake A Bully 2: Bystanders Tips & Facts Scotia-Glenville School District, Glendaal Elementary 2012

This is the sequel to a movie your website already endorses. It empowers kids not to be passive bystanders, and gives them skills on how to become part of active bullying prevention. It won the Silver Telly award, and is being used in schools all over the world.

Topics: Prevention, Kids, Schools

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open close toggle Bullying Teacher's Guide for PreK to Grade 2 Tips & Facts 2012

Pediatrician-reviewed lesson plan includes discussion questions, 3 classroom activities and extensions, printable handouts, a quiz and a quiz answer sheet.

Topics: Prevention, Respond to Bullying, Kids, Schools

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